Building a grassroots youth movement against hate, racism and Islamophobia.


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Anti-Muslim hate speech is rising across Europe. Islamophobia is a deep-rooted and complex phenomenon, which manifests in e
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Grassroots Voices of British Pakistanis

In recent years, British-Pakistanis have been under intense media and government scrutiny. The 7/7 attacks led the media,
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12 Cities Network

Following the Massacre of 69 people by Anders Breivik on July 22nd in Norway, analysts and commentators from across Euro
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Young Muslim Voices

Young Muslim Voices
Since 9/11 and 7/7, the political and media spotlight has been focussed on Muslim communities. The media has been awash w
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Ban the word ‘Muslim’

I want to make a case for non Muslims in the UK to think more car

Recruitment: Advisory Board

13/03/2015chairs advisory board
Jawaab are currently looking for individuals to join its Advisory

The Spectator apologises

12/03/2015spectator letter of apology to jawaab
Rizwan Hussain: an apology In his 7 March article (‘Jihadi Joh

Home is unsafe

26/02/2015islamophobia attack on young woman
Home is a place where we should all feel safe. However yesterday,