We build the power
of young Muslims

What is Jawaab?

Jawaab works to build the power of young Muslim to become a force for justice, fairness, and respect in their communities. We build power by creating healing justice spaces. Building leadership and creativity. And empower young Muslims to seek change at a local level.


Why is Jawaab Needed?

Islamophobia lends itself to violence, marginalisation, exploitation and feelings of powerlessness. It impacts us all as our civil liberties are stripped down in the name of security, our working conditions worsen as Muslims struggle to find employment, our streets become less safe because of Islamophobic hate crime.

Because of this, young Muslims are not given the same opportunities as the majority of people and this impacts their everyday life. It dehumanises them, it creates huge racial and social barriers in access to education, employment and health. It make them the fifth pillar in society, where their existence is seen as a cause of suspicion by the state and through state policies.

Islamophobia is systemic, and so our strategy as a movement needs to be multi-pronged.

For Jawaab, this means building the power of young Muslims to push for systemic change.


How does Jawaab work?

Decision makers through our research and insights

Young Muslims on how Islamophobia is impacting them - constraining their life opportunities and identities

Build the agency of young Muslims to win change

To do this we create safe spaces where young Muslims can discuss and dissect their experiences. Spaces where they can build informal networks of support - whether that is in groups or online. These experiences inform our research and insight.

We do this by creating opportunities where young Muslims can build on their leadership, creative and technical skills. We run educational workshops and programmes.

We create information online, from the conversations we have at grassroots to inform all our work.


Our theory of change

Our theory of change is that in order to tackle the issue of powerlessness when it comes to Islamophobia, we must do this by building the power of young Muslims.

We do this in three stages. We build the agency of young Muslims by offering them creative and leadership skills through our programmes.

We organise events and workshops with Muslim communities so that they can understand the roots of Islamophobia and how it operates within a wider system.

We offer insight for decision makers and other young Muslims who are affected by Islamophobia through our digital platforms. Offering resources, toolkits and information on Islamophobia - which is informed by our leadership and organising strand.

Everything we do is informed by the experiences of young Muslims themselves.


Who is Jawaab?

Jawaab Team Photo


Riz Hussain

Riz is the founder and director of Jawaab

Undleeb Iqbal

Undleeb is the deputy at Jawaab

Hassan Vawda


Artist and community arts programmer,

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Javaria Masood

Javayria is a volunteer who studied History at SOAS and Currently works at The University of Surrey.

Nadia Hasan


Farrah Sheikh

Dr Farrah Sheikh leads on all things policy & research at Jawaab

William Barylo

A random guy who quite knows how to press the on/off button of a camera


Rukaiya Jeraj
Milad Ahmed
Dulal Ali


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