50 Islamophobic acts since Paris attacks


More than 50 Islamophobic acts have been recorded in France since the Paris incidents which took place a week ago.

The figures were announced on Monday to the AFP against Islamophobia Observatory of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM).

According to the president of the observatory, Abdallah Zekri, citing figures from the Ministry of the Interior, 54 anti-Muslim acts have been recorded since Wednesday, which breaks down into 21 ‘actions’ (shot gun shots in the Aude, grenades plaster at Le Mans explosion in a kebab adjacent to a mosque in the Rhône) and 33 “threats” (insults in particular). This figure does not include Paris and its suburbs, nor the fire that occurred on Sunday evening at the mosque construction site; Poitiers.

“I am shocked by the rise of Islamophobia as we walked on Sunday in the calm and serenity, all side by side, in the diversity of the protesters, and that we have unequivocally condemned terrorism” said  Abdallah Zekri.

According to  Abdallah Zekri, such figures in just five days have “never been seen”. The latest data available, based on actual complaints recorded by the police suggests a total of 110 actions (actions and threats) in the first nine months of 2014, less than compared to the same period of 2013, which totaled at 158.

“We must strengthen oversight” of Muslim places of worship, websites and social networks, “against hate and revenge that are currently in training,” said Abdallah Zekri. “Even the Great Mosque of Paris (GMP), symbol of Islam in France is not the object of special care,” lamented the adviser of the President of the GMP. “There has been in recent days, and it’s not new, places of worship, mosques, which have been adversely affected, even bullets. And we care about this, and the Interior Minister has already assured; we ensure to also protect these places of worship, “said the Prime Minister Manuel Valls, Monday, at the exit of the hearing solemn of the Court of Cassation. “All citizens of our country should have the protection of the State, the police, do not doubt for a moment,” he added.

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