Anti-Islamophobia project: the beginning


Our very first trip to Ruhr-Westphalia, Germany took place from 9-11th March 2012. Noori, Rizwan, Bilal, Peter and Donald from the Jawaab and Soul of Europe team took a road trip to northern Germany. Our visit was to begin the brainstorming of our new campaign and form a pan-European network of activists working on the issue of Islamophobia.

Our second day in Dortmond began with a morning session begins scoping out the venue, a potential space for our conference in 2013. This was followed up a brief planning session, where we explored the project further with our German partners. In the afternoon, we met with active Muslims from across Ruhr-Westfalia and other activists from different faith and non faith backgrounds to discuss the issue of Islamophobia and grassroots impacts of it. The final session of the night was a reflection period, where we could draw our thoughts from the day to a close. 

Check out the pictures below: