Extremism Educational Pack


Today’s digital age brings about many benefits, such as instant stream of information. We are never too far away from clicking and finding the answers to our questions.  Having said this there is a growing concern that it is able to serve individuals who wish harm on society. Extremism is a plague and media is one of the tools used to misinform, recruit and even influence people. As a theatre and film company founded to counter many social ills, Arakan Creative’s latest offering is a new DVD educational resource pack that can aid in the fight against extremist thinking and behaviour.
‘Xtremism’, was first staged in Bradford in 2011 to mainly secondary school age pupils and college students. The fictional narrative looks at the character of ‘Ryan’, a mixed raced teenager who is drawn into radical thinking/behaviour by two opposing forces – Islamic and the Far-Right.  The message is clear; by engaging in such activity only results in a negative outcome regardless of what form of extremism you subscribe to.
The DVD resource pack is designed for any educator working with young people both in mainstream, alternative and informal educational settings for ages 12 and above, with a focus on addressing Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural well being (SMSC). For more information on how to purchase a resource pack click here.