Jawaab’s Collective Action


Raising £1000 for children in Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Sudan

Our Quiz4Causes night was to have fun, enjoy food and be in great company. This is exactly what we achieved! We are so thankful to everyone who attended, being in your company tonight, we had a great time. With all your kind donations we have managed to raise £1000 which will be going to 4 nominated charities who work with children in conflicted zones.

With all the international focus on military intervention, violence and war, we at Jawaab felt restless. Collectively, we decided that we needed to bring our friends together, not talk about what is wrong in the world, but rather through light hearted fun and company raise money for children in Palestine, Iraq, Sudan and Syria.

We did it! Let’s see what we can come up with at next year’s Jawaab’s Collective Action! Meanwhile here are lots of snaps from the event.