A group of organisations, community activists and leaders have come together to launch a new campaign called #MigrantsContribute.  Britain is home to seven million migrants. In recent months commentary in the media and by politicians has presented ‘migration’ and ‘immigration’ as a leading ‘problem’ impacting on UK’s economy and society. The campaign #MigrantsContribute is aiming to challenge this discourse and bring back the conversation to the real challenges faced by migrant communities. Challenges caused by powerful groups who are part of the government and economy and far too often blame their failings on minority migrants.

Over the next year, leading up to the General Election in May 2015, the campaign intends to present the case that migrants are not the problem, but instead part of the battle, in building a better future for all. Migrant communities contribute in their own right and are trying hard to make a success of living in the UK today.

#MigrantsContribute manifesto promises to:

  • Listen to the voices of migrants and speak out on how to generate more jobs, which will provide a decent standard of life for everyone
  • Campaign on better housing for all so that everyone is able to live in a safe, affordable and comfortable homes
  • Find out how migrant parents are working with teachers to improve schools for all children, ensuring they have the best start in life.
  • Raise awareness of the contributions migrants make in building a better National Health Service, which so many have dedicated themselves to as professionals

On 18th December #MigrantsContribute will be holding a show of solidarity with migrants organised by the GMB trade union. The event will take place on the London Millennium Bridge, at 2 pm and is a public event. For more details click here. In the evening of the 18th #MigrantsContribute will be joining Migrant Voice, MRN and the University of Westminster for an evening of celebration which will include a film festival, spoken word artists, dance performance, a Turkish music group and international food. The event begins at 6 pm at the Regent Street building of University of Westminster.

You can find out more information about the campaign on:http://www.migrants-contribute.org.uk/