A Muslim Terrorist


Welcome to our new website. We bring you not only our fresh new website, but also the launch of our new campaign #IslamNoPhobia.

Jawaab feels that young people’s identity is being lost to anti-Muslim hate speech on social media platforms. Also in everyday face to face situations such as in schools, work and in public.

Anti-Muslim media stories and far right political parties are  impacting negatively on young Muslim identity. These racist ideologies are shaping and influencing non-Muslim youth identity and the way they see their peers from a Muslim background.

Our latest video feature ‘A Muslim Terrorist’ shows what can happen when young people lose their identity to hate speech. They start believing in the words they are hit with, with dangerous consequences.

Jawaab went through all the comments made by online users on our videos, facebook page and twitter handle. We took a few of the highly worrying comments left and created this short clip. Young people are under pressure to justify their faith to others and this should not be the case.

Verbally insulting Muslims and Islam is not the answer. Let young people be themselves.