What’s on Europe’s Mind?


A month ago, after a leave campaign which focused on immigration, identity and ‘taking back control’ Britain voted to leave the EU. For many in the UK, the last month has felt devastating. For migrants and BME citizens, the last month has felt chilling. Reports of xenophobic and racist hate crime have soared since the EU referendum, amidst a wave of anti-immigration sentiment nationwide. The UK is not alone. Since Brexit, fears have developed over the tide of far-right fervour sweeping Europe. Soon after the result, France’s far right Front National leader, Marine Le Pen, hailed the results as a ‘dazzling lesson in democracy’ and Dutch anti-immigration politician, Geert Wilders led calls for a ‘Nexit’. But racism and Islamophobia were never ugly lesions which surfaced overnight. They grew amidst a political climate of fear, propaganda and scapegoating. The infographic below, with data taken from the European Islamophobia Report, takes a brief look at the Islamophobic hatred swelling throughout Europe in 2015.