Tackling anti-Blackness in Muslim communities

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Recently we got together to discuss anti-Blackness in Muslim communities. We discussed how anti-Blackness manifests itself through racist tropes and stereotypes, erasure of Black Muslim histories and cultures, and prejudice against interracial relationships. We’ve come up with 5 ways you can help combat anti-Blackness within your communities: 1. It starts with you and your circle. Be honest with yourself and … Read More

One year on from Grenfell – we celebrate the real Khadija Saye

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Sometimes, despite the slurs, despite the micro-agressions, despite the collective blame, we appear to lose the baggage of our Muslim or minority identities. We storm past the barriers holding us back and set out along the path to “greatness”. Our hard work, determination and talent finally begin to gain the recognition we dreamed of for so long. After Grenfell, story … Read More

Poems by young Muslims

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From the reflections of identity to the pressures of Islamophobia – this is a collection of Muslim voices. It’s a small selection of the infinite individual experiences drawn from being a Muslim in Britain. The Muslim voice is often seen as a single and shared entity. A view that needs to be challenged at every level. Creative expression is an … Read More