Tackling anti-Blackness in Muslim communities

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Recently we got together to discuss anti-Blackness in Muslim communities. We discussed how anti-Blackness manifests itself through racist tropes and stereotypes, erasure of Black Muslim histories and cultures, and prejudice against interracial relationships. We’ve come up with 5 ways you can help combat anti-Blackness within your communities: 1. It starts with you and your circle. Be honest with yourself and … Read More

Report: Voices of Young Muslims

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Our report, Voices of Young Muslims: Building a Society free of Islamophobia captures an important moment in the story of Muslims in Britain today. It is identity and above all – resilience. As part of Jawaab’s leadership training initiatives, we trained a group of volunteer researchers who went back into their communities to collect the stories we are sharing in … Read More

Building Solidarity, Hope and Resistance When the Sky is Falling

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The past year has felt devastating for many of us fighting for a more equal, just and progressive future. The rise of Trump and Brexit have seen mainstream parties embrace the divisive politics of the far-right. Latent racism, Islamophobia and prejudice have, of course, been endemic in our societies for a long time. But the hostility migrants and minorities now … Read More

The Evolution of Islamophobia

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9/11 was a watershed moment in history. Many see it as ushering in a new era of terror, insecurity and conflict. Many Muslims see it as ushering in a new era of Islamophobia. But terrorism and Islamophobia, have long and distinct histories. We should not see the rise of militant ‘Islamism’ as the backbone of Islamophobia. This merely legitimises anti-Muslim … Read More

Post Ref Racism: Speaking Out and Staying Safe

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Three months ago, the Leave campaign was asking Britain to ‘take back control’. It told us before a poster of brown bodies fleeing untold war and devastation, that WE, WE the 6th richest country in the world were at breaking point. It spouted bigoted vitriol against migrants, Muslims and minorities. It hijacked the instability of the country’s poorest communities, telling … Read More

The Enemy Within? France’s Muslim Problem

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9/11 shook America, 7/7 shook Britain and the past year and a half has shaken France. The Charlie Hebdo shooting, the Paris attacks, the Nice atrocity and most recently the tragic killing of a priest in Normandy. And just as Bush & Blair used 9/11 & the ensuing climate of fear to rationalise their misguided War on Terror, Francois Hollande … Read More

Orlando shooting shows us minorities must unite against oppression

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I woke up uncharacteristically early on Sunday morning; my sleep pattern broken from my 2am sehri, and my ears still alert to the irritating beep of the BBC News Update. Like many others around the world, I quickly became aware of the tragic Orlando shootings. My heart sank. Another mass shooting in the US, another attack in Orlando. I reeled further when I … Read More

Extremism isn’t the only struggle of our generation

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David Cameron’s speech in Birmingham, in which he announced his plans on how to tackle extremism, motivates me to bring some aspects of the work that I have been doing with young Muslims for the last eight years into the equation. It is important to understand the real challenges facing this generation. The minority of Muslims, who have travelled to … Read More

Ban the word ‘Muslim’

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I want to make a case for non Muslims in the UK to think more carefully about the way they acheter du cialis en ligne talk about ‘Muslims’. If non-Muslims are so careless about the way they use phrases like ‘the Muslim community’ (and the very word ‘Muslim’ now carries an insinuation of fostering violence), then perhaps we non-Muslims should be banned from using … Read More