Launched in Nov 2014


We want young people's voice to be heard and their identity not to be lost to hate, racism and Islamophobia.

Anti-Muslim hate speech is rising across Europe. Islamophobia is a deep-rooted and complex phenomenon, which manifests in everyday situations. It impacts on society and people at different levels, including at school; work, through racial violence and hate speech circulating on digital platforms. One of the problems is the way that media and politicians frame debates on Muslims and minority communities. Through this young people's voices are not being heard which means that the experience of a whole generation is being lost on this particular issue.

We at Jawaab are fed up of how Muslims, people from other countries and youth are constantly misrepresented in the media. We are tired of this extremely narrow and stereotypical picture painted of all minority communities. We want to change this.

What do we want to do?

Jawaab wants to campaign on how Islamophobia is negatively impacting on young people and youth identity. We want to listen to young people, their views on this issue and provide a unique platform for youth who are being affected by racism, discrimination and Islamophobia. We want to create a young movement of voices.

How will we do this?

That is where you can help! We need you to get involved with this campaign andbecome part of Jawaab. We are looking for stories from young people about their lives and their thoughts on Islamophobia. We will be organising grassroots events, going into schools and colleges to talk about this issue and creating digital content to raise awareness of this campaign. We need you to support us every step of the way.

Take Action

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What we want to achieve?

1000young people empowered
500joining our movement
50organisations pledging support