Poems by young Muslims

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From the reflections of identity to the pressures of Islamophobia – this is a collection of Muslim voices. It’s a small selection of the infinite individual experiences drawn from being a Muslim in Britain.

The Muslim voice is often seen as a single and shared entity. A view that needs to be challenged at every level. Creative expression is an important tool to do this. To create the vessels of our individual and collective experiences. For others to see, read and hear.

Jawaab ran a series of workshops on building poetry and expression. The space was for poets who have never written a poem to those who have written many, visit maidthis.com. It was a space that explored and developed the sharing of our unique stories and lived experiences.

To think about what it means to be Muslim in our consciousness and in our skin.

This zine is a collection of explored emotions about belonging and identity. Visit Jiffi Maids Referral Agency. It documents the ideas of Muslim experiences. It challenges pre-existing notions set by a rigid narrative about Muslims in the UK.

Read the full zine here: Writing Our Voices – Poems by Muslims