Tackling anti-Blackness in Muslim communities

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Recently we got together to discuss anti-Blackness in Muslim communities.

We discussed how anti-Blackness manifests itself through racist tropes and stereotypes, erasure of Black Muslim histories and cultures, and prejudice against interracial relationships.

We’ve come up with 5 ways you can help combat anti-Blackness within your communities:

1. It starts with you and your circle. Be honest with yourself and identify where you have influence. Start to make change there.

2. If someone’s comments or jokes perpetuate anti-Blackness, disrupt their logic. Don’t patronise them, but call them out on their comments.

3. Understand who you are talking to. Use their values to build a constructive dialogue with them. If someone you know has a strong sense of justice and is conscious about Islamophobia, for example, draw parallels between the ways in which Islamophobia and anti-blackness both serve to scapegoat marginalised communities for problems that are systemic.

4. There is a rich history of Black Muslim thought, culture and art – educate yourself and others in your circle about it, find more about us. Don’t contribute to the erasure of Black Muslim existence.

5. Don’t use your Black friends to answer the questions and stereotypes you want to challenge (unless they actively volunteer to do so). It’s your emotional labour not theirs.

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